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Industrial Design

Up until the early 2000s women’s outdoor gear was an afterthought in the minds of equipment companies. Women’s versions of equipment would simply be made lighter, smaller, and pinker in a roundabout effort to cater to women’s needs without completely redesigning existing products. Women make up half of the consumer base for outdoor goods and in recent years the “pink it and shrink it” mindset of equipment companies has proven to be unsuccessful in creating products that work with women’s bodies and enhance their outdoor experiences. The goal of ARTEMI Skis is to create products that are geared towards women’s physiology, utilize sustainable materials, and convey strong a female aesthetic without reverting to the concept of “pink it and shrink it.” The line currently consists of two types of skis; ENYO, an all-mountain ski geared for the weekend-warrior, and BAST, a big-mountain ski geared towards the lady powder bird.

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