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Industrial Design
Draft Grip

Carrying a camera to film downhill skateboarding produces the most incredible footage. But with thousands of dollars in camera gear and only one free hand to use for riding it’s not only dangerous, but stressful and possibly costly. I aimed to create a solution that could film at DSLR quality but was safer and more enjoyable for the riders to use, while also being less expensive. Why not use a Go-Pro? Although robust and high quality, Go-Pros lack artistic freedom and dynamism with their singular lens. Also they cannot adjust settings like exposure, ISO, white balance, and focal length. Conversely, with the download of an app, an I-Phone can shoot DSLR quality and adjust settings like any other manual camera. After market cell phone lenses have solid optics and if dropped or broken can be quickly replaced with $20 and a few clicks on Amazon. I meshed these resources into a compact and comfortable package that’s safer to ride with, dynamic and variable, and much less costly than a DSLR.

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