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Nordstrom Rack Rebrand

Nordstrom Rack gives its young and fashionable customers the same high-quality designers at Nordstrom, but at a much more accessible price. Why can't bargain shopping be colorful and fun? That's where this rebrand comes in, starting with a new logo that is modern, fashionable, and bold. Nordstrom Rack’s new color palette is bright and fresh. The primary colors and graphic patterns can be mixed and paired with one another to create an endless variety of combinations. As Nordstrom Rack offers its customers items directly from the Nordstrom store, the idea of “re-purposing” older advertisements is expressed through photoshopping the apparel from the model (erasing the model’s identity) and mixing and matching with other apparel items, geometric shapes, patterns, and background imagery in a collaged fashion. The advertisements are not about the people modeling the clothes, but the clothes themselves.

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