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Health and Wellness
Support U

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death among college students (Turner, 2011). To prevent this kind of tragedy, many higher education institutions, including UW, provide professional helps for their students. Consistent practices that campus professionals use are online, mental health screening tools, gatekeeper training, and parent and family education and outreach. However, results of the psychological autopsies found that 95% of these students had committed suicide without seeing a therapist (Christensen, 2011). What is missing? Why didn’t they seek help from professionals? My goal with Support U is to bridge the gap between students and mental health professionals, and to let those who are in crisis to be heard before they lose their hope. After receiving a student’s result of the Mental Health Screening, Support U will provide the most relevant information and online appointment with therapists who focus on that area. Another way to make an appointment is to search for a therapist base on the student’s needs. In addition, Support U provides other related information for students to read if they would like to learn more about mental health.

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