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Industrial Design

VIX is an action camera at heart. With its compact size and ruggedness, it is designed and built for all types of action sports. But coupled with the smart handle attachment, the VIX suddenly recreates the nostalgic feeling 90's skateboarding videography. It mimics the user experience of using the Sony VX-1000 camcorder, a device that is regarded highly in the skateboarding community. The handle is at an optimal angle, so that the filmer can easily frame the subject during high speed travel. Also, because virtually all skateboarding content is rendered out in full HD or lower, the smart handle has physical digital zoom buttons that downscales the footage from 4K to 1080p to allow for more creative panning and transitional shots. Along with that, there is a built-in microphone and record button that all connects through the VIX proprietary smart plug for a seamless experience.

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